Dora Radić:

“It’s really important to me that after Aspira I can work anywhere in the field of economy, tourism or sport. Aspira makes sure that its professors approach their students individually. Traineeships at events such as the European Futsal Championship, Hanžeković Memorial and Athletic Continental Cup help students to see how major competitions work from the perspective of the organisers, management and marketing. Being involved in such events allows students to gain experience they will be able to use in their future studies.

Being introduced to and making contacts with famous athletes, public discussions moderated by well-known experts and competitions between universities are just a part of a broad range of activities that Aspira offers. And of course, the most important thing in my opinion are the friendships made in the city at the foot of Mount Marjan”.

Damir Banić:

“Sport as an activity has had a great importance in the development of social relations since ancient times, when even wars were put to an end ‘in the name of sport’. Today, sport has become a profit-oriented activity that holds a recognisable position in the global market. Such value systems in developed countries are managed by professionals, and now it is transition countries’ turn, including Croatia, to carry out thorough reconstruction and adapt to the environment, i.e. to appoint trained professional staff to managerial positions of sport organisations.

Car mechanics do not pull out your teeth, and dentists do not perform overhauls on your car, but our sports organizations are headed by both dentists and car mechanics, and not people who are trained for it, only because there are no training opportunities and there is a lack of that kind of educational institutions.

And now this opportunity came along, here is Aspira, College for Sports Management. I didn’t hesitate even for a moment… That was it!

I’m at the middle of my course, and I have acquired sufficient theoretical knowledge and professional experience that I feel competent and responsible enough to take over the management of any sport club or organisations in Croatia. I’m looking forward to graduating!”

Ivana Kamenjarin:

“ASPIRA is the first and only educational institution in Croatia training future sports managers. I think that the idea of locating the professional course in the city of Split was a home run, since it is considered the sportiest city in the world.

The advantage of studying at this college is that you become really close with your professors, meaning that it helps to create a family atmosphere. They are available for all your questions and are incredibly patient. They encourage students to say what they mean and to feel free to put forward their own ideas. In addition, if you are unable to make it to some lecture, all teaching materials and exercises are available online via Merlin. This means that you are not forced to miss your practice, some competition or tournament or maybe even your job in order to study.

The course modules are well thought out, and I believe that we get a high-standard education, which allows us to occupy top positions in all sports associations, clubs and organisations as soon as we graduate, having acquired a lot of skills and knowledge.

In addition, we had the privilege of field work and putting acquired skills into practice. We have visited the Commercial Court, participated in the Futsal Euro 2012, Hanžek Memorial Tournament. We have also helped in the organisation of the match celebrating 100 years of Hajduk: FC Hajduk vs. FC Barcelona, etc. At the end of our first year at College, Aspira has taken us to a trip to Zadar. We have visited the Zadar Sports Arena to learn about the management of a sports facility such as that one. On out return trip, we have also visited Skradin.

Aspira is by far the best thing offered to athletes, because they can continue pursuing their active sports careers and get their higher education at the same time.”