Following the needs of the labor market, ASPIRA College educates highly skilled personnel for management functions in sports companies and other business systems, as well as for the education of managers – representatives of athletes, sports companies and the introduction of athletes after the end of their professional careers into the business world.

The purpose of this study program is to acquire the overall competencies of a sports manager, which is achieved by managing processes in sports organizations by applying managerial procedures, techniques and skills.

Professional practice is an integral part of this study program. During the study, students do their professional practice in sports societies, clubs, federations and other organizations under the guidance of their mentors. In this way, students are directly involved in everyday activities and issues of sports organizations. They are acquainted with the specifics of management and administrative affairs of the clubs, expert work of coaches and athletes. The obligatory number of hours of professional practice for Sports Management students is as follows:

1. Year undergraduate study, 80 hours + participation in organization of sports event
2. Year undergraduate study, 80 hours + participation in organizing sports events
3. Year undergraduate study, 450 hours + participation in organizing sports events

Depending on the contacts that the Aspira College has established with related higher education institutions abroad and with sports organizations, the most successful students have the opportunity to do the student practice outside of Croatia, as well and thus gain valuable experience to build their future career on an international level. This approach to the study offers the opportunity to students to gain real insight into the activities they want to engage in, and thus helps them shape decisions about their own future. At  Aspira College, professional practice is the foundation of the development of knowledge and skills through real situations in the real environment.

Professional practice often leads to seasonal or permanent employment, thus representing the first and fair reference in our students’ CV and all of us here at  Aspira College are exceptionally proud to be part of it.


  • linking acquired theoretical knowledge with professional experiences
  • acquiring additional skills in the field of sports management
  • finding the topic for graduate thesis and obtaining possible recommendations for the future employment
  • making contacts and acquaintances in the sports sector
  • creating good work habits and preparing students for the business world
  • erasing the barrier caused by the transition from student to the business world

Employers’ Impressions:

Davor Užbinec – Basketball club Cedevita, general manager

“By coming to Career Day we deepen our successful and diverse cooperation with Aspira. The Sport Management Study is a factor in the positive changes in sports that our club strives for. “

Ivan Veštić – President of the Croatian Athletics Association

“I can freely say thank you Aspira for providing this kind of education to Croat society, something that did not exist at this level before in Croatia, and that will be necessary even more in the future.”

Ozren Maršić – Basketball club SPLIT

“Aspira students who have been doing practice in our club have shown themselves to be exemplary students who want to work and who can do a lot for sports development.”

Igor Boraska – Olympic medalist

“I would like to thank students for the help they have provided during compulsory professional practice for the numerous sports competitions these last few years. In this way, they have not only gained valuable experience but have really contributed to the development of sports in our city. “

Hrvoje Akrap  

“I am personally very pleased to see the profession of sports managers, who are extremely needed to sport, will continue to develop on the labour market.”

Boško Sablić – Rugby club Nada

“We certainly intend to continue working with Aspira because it is very important to engage young people in sports and sport development. I support events such as the Career Day, when all the synergistic effects between sport and education can be seen. “

Ivo – Goran Munivrana – President of the Croatian Olympic Committee

“Since the day Aspira emerged in this area of ​​education, a big part of their activities was related to sport. The Croatian Olympic Committee was therefore interested in Aspira’s work since the first day and gave its support in the form of this successful cooperation that will certainly continue in the future.”