E-learning is a process of education, learning and teaching by using information and communication technology, which thereby contributes to the improvement of the quality of that process as well as the quality of education outcomes.

Nowadays, there is an ever-present need and wish to improve quality and availability of different educational programs. Education has become a lifelong process and need, so the concern about the availability and quality refers to the overall lifelong learning cycle. High quality e-learning technology implementation brings a number of advantages to the educational process and enables new, modern and quality education.

E-learning enables adaptation to individual student needs, active participation, up-to-date educational materials, global approach to different educational contents, better communication between students and professors as well as students themselves, team work, better time management, independent student assessment, as well as continuous measuring and monitoring of their progress.

The e-learning system manages educational content and processes. It enables the creation of a virtual environment in which the educational process takes place. It is a complex software which combines the publication of educational materials with tools for assessment of knowledge, communication and administration of participants and their results. Merlin is an e-learning system established as a platform for e-learning application projects, i.e. for the implementation of study courses with the application of e-learning technology. It is based on the open code system Moodle which has been further developed and tailored to the needs of users. Each student at Aspira is included in the e-learning system Merlin.