University College Aspira offers attendees various extracurricular activities. Depending on what they are interested in, they can engage in a certain activity and thus spend their time well. The goal of these activities is to encourage students to socialize and help them develop their own interests, thereby improving the quality of life.

Sports club

The idea of establishing “Aspira sports club” is to enable all students and teachers to recreationally do some sports activity, i.e. to unite all students, regardless of the study program they are attending. Those students who have the will and tendency can represent the colours of ASPIRA at the University or some other championships. All members of the club have certain benefits in using various sporting facilities in the city. In this way, students have the opportunity to socialize and recreate besides attending teaching activities.


– the primary goal is gathering, socializing and entertainment of students
– promotion of health and healthy way of life
– promotion of physical activity as a regular daily activity
– promotion of sports and sports recreation as an important aspect in the lives of people

Each sport has a student coordinator who leads their teams through the various sports meetings which are organised at university level. Also, sports coordinators are selected each year. Sports club enables Aspira students to recreationally play 10 different sports in 6 sports centers.

Gastro club

“Aspira Gastro Club” offers to all interested students the opportunity to be further educated in the field of gastronomy.

The goal of the club is to give students the opportunity to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Through various lectures and workshops, topics that follow trends in nutrition, wine industry and many other culinary challenges are covered. Lectures are accompanied by examples done in practice. Chefs and other gastro-scene representatives try to transfer their experiences to students. Members of the club also have the opportunity to attend certain gastro events and thus get to know more about the domestic and international gastronomy scene.

Tourist inspection

The idea of establishing a “Tourist Inspection” derives from the importance and influence of tourism today which is the main driver of the economy in the Republic of Croatia. It was founded as a section aimed at improving the tourism industry in Croatia, especially the offer of the city of Split and then beyond.
The goal is also to spend good time under the guidance of coordinators and to come up with some new ideas. Students thus have the opportunity to directly participate in increasing the quality of the tourist offer of their own city but also of the entire offer of our country. Through field research and direct contact with tourists, students receive valuable information, then participate in developing new projects, products and services or improving already existing ones.
As part of the “Tourist Inspection” they have the opportunity to present their ideas and initiatives and at the same time develop their own skills.

PR club

“Aspira PR Club” brings together all interested students who want to acquire knowledge and skills in the PR as a contemporary challenge to public relations.
When it comes to PR at present, an emphasis is put on creative thinking, the ability to express well and have all the necessary knowledge. Students, members of this club, have the opportunity to develop their skills, take part in professional lectures and workshops, and encounter an actual examples done in practice under the guidance of a coordinator. They can also learn how to coordinate PR activities with the overall marketing strategy, i.e. goals of individual organizations and become acquainted with the rules of PR writing and the functioning of the media.
Following the latest trends and collaborating with experts, Aspira offers members of this club a unique experience of gaining a valuable experience in a relaxed atmosphere

Enterprise club

The idea of starting an “Enterprise Club” derives from the important role of entrepreneurship in the development of the economy. Encouraging and developing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit in the contemporary society is of utmost importance.

Students, members of this club, have the opportunity, in addition to socializing with other colleagues, work on developing entrepreneurial ideas and skills under the guidance of mentors. Through lectures and workshops, and advice from experts in economics or entrepreneurship, they can gain knowledge on how to lead an entrepreneurial project from the idea itself to the ultimate realization.

Aspira in this way wants to motivate students to put their ideas into action and help them in their journey.