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Lifelong Learning Department of Aspira University College organizes a training program for Tourist Destination Managers. Due to the increasing growth and development of the tourism market, it is necessary for each individual destination to employ experts with managerial skills.

A tourist destination refers to a geographical area of a tourist offer that must have appropriate elements of tourist offer with a sophisticated management objectives that will ensure its long-term competitiveness. Successful organization and improvement of tourist destinations allow for the extension of the tourist season and the boost in revenue for all destination agents. For ensuring sustainability of a tourist destination, it is essential to maximize its attractiveness, to provide different types of services and to increase their quality. For these reasons, there is a need for professionals who will successfully manage tourist resources in the destination in order to improve the tourist offer.

Tourist destination manager

  • creates an adequate tourist offer
  • manages a tourist destination
  • creates a destination brand
  • impacts the improvement of local economy
  • simultaneously preserves natural and cultural-historical heritage

Program aim

Provide the candidates with all theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary for the realization and affirmation of the tourist destination.

The program is intended for those who wish to perfect their position of the Tourist Destination Manager, as well as everyone else involved in the management process of a tourist destination.

The lecturers are prominent experts from the field of destination management, such as Željko Trezner, Pave Župan Rusković and others.

List of courses

  1. Management of tourist destinations
  2. Destination resources and attractions
  3. Marketing, branding and market placement of a tourist product
  4. Management of selective forms of tourism (eco-ethno, nautical, congress, sport-recreation, adventure, cultural, health and wellness tourism)
  5. Event management
  6. Sustainable tourism
  7. Business and e-communication
  8. Strategic management and management of destination projects
  9. Final project

Prominent experts

Željko Trezner, Destination Management Expert, former Director of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies – UHPA

M.Sc. Pave Župan Rusković, an expert from the field of travel agency business

Ph.D. Mato Bartoluci, professor at the Faculty of Economics – Zagreb – Department of Tourism

M.Sc. Alijana Vukšić, director of the Split Tourist Board

Ph.D. Irena Ateljević, professor at the University of Wageningen-Netherlands, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Tourism

Joško Stella, director of the Tourist Board of Split – Dalmatia County

Ph.D. Sanela Vrkljan, Assistant Director, Sector for Tourism – Croatian Chamber of Economy

Livestream lectures

The program is unique because it is performed via video streaming (livestream) lectures, which allows candidates unable to attend lectures to follow classes through any Internet device.

Duration of the program: 1 semester

Required enrollment documents

Documents required for enrollment are: a copy of the ID card or a nationality certificate, a birth certificate, a diploma (higher education), a small photo and PIN.

The requirement for enrollment in the training program is completed tertiary education, while the candidates with completed secondary education can enroll in the program: Coordinator in the organization of a tourist destination.

Installment payment options

* Up to 12 non-interest installments via Visa, Diners and American cards.

We are sure that you will recognize the quality and the potential of the program and become a Tourist Destination Manager.

Entry into employment record book

The program is verified by the Ministry of Science and Education and upon completion it is entered into the electronic employment record book.