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Hotel management

Hotel management is a very specific and complex business. Successful management of a hotel is not only an entrepreneurial idea and effort, but also implies a lot of management and business skills, including the skills from the field of:

  • hotel business and tourism
  • entrepreneurship (business plan design)
  • management
  • sales and reception of the hotel
  • marketing in tourism
  • business communication

Program aim

  • Provide candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to better manage and present the hotel in order to attract new guests.
  •  The program is intended for people who want to perfect themselves for the professional career of hotel managers, as well as those who take part in any area of hotel management to improve their business.

The lecturers are prominent experts in the field of management and tourism.

List of courses

HOTEL MANAGEMENT – Strategies and ways of managing a hotel. Hotel management concepts and important contracts (franchise and management contracts). Role and responsibilities of senior staff at the hotel. Approaches to leadership. Motivation (theoretical motivation, measurement of motivation and satisfaction measurement). Hotel organization. Hotel services. Rooms. Food and beverage. Front office. Hotel services. The organizational structure of a hotel. Safety and security of the hotel. Information technology in hotels. Criteria for business efficiency. Finance. Leading hotel groups around the world.

TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY – Activities and effects of contemporary tourism: the impact on economic development with the review of economic functions of tourism in the development of Croatia. Contemporary hotel industry in the world and in Croatia (trends, international market, structure). The importance of studying the needs of guests. Conditions of hotel and accommodation facilities categorization. Economy and legislation of hotel business. Hospitality and restaurants.

MARKETING IN TOURISM – Specifics of a particular marketing instrument. Applying marketing in practice. Marketing goals and principles in tourism. Measuring and forecasting tourist need and demand. Testing customer intentions and tracking competition trends. Marketing mix compared to the target market. Internet sales. E-marketing. Individual strategy and its creation. Symbols of personality, moods, expertise, image and brand creation of a company.

EVENT MANAGEMENT – Practical cases. Event marketing (planning and measuring the marketing potential of a market, marketing mix, communication mix, development of a positive image of the event). Event planning (structure, location, facilities, staff and volunteers, operational plan, business plan). Creating a strategic plan. Organization (organizational structure of the event, committee system).

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Establishing contact. Arranging meetings. Client needs analysis. Negotiating. Role of communication in tourism. Basic principles of marketing communication. Basic communication themes essential for hotel managers – public speaking training. The art of communicating and conducting dialogue. Internal communication, formal and informal communication, active listening and listening skills, positive rhetoric, nonverbal communication, communication conflicts and their resolution.

BUSINESS ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Company and destination presentations, appointment arrangements, telephone conversation etc. Explaining intercultural differences, business and other customs.  Building basic lexical and grammar units, processing of texts from tourism and everyday business life. Practicing with professional literature – dictionary, brochures, and translation. Bidding, compiling and reviewing bids, orders, price negotiation, and complaints. Dialogues and presentations. Writing foreign language texts, consecutive translations, dialogues. Improving listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

WORK SAFETY – Role and importance of work safety. Regulations governing occupational safety. Types of danger and their elimination.

PRACTICAL TEACHING – Creating a Business Plan. Hotel management concepts and important contracts. Strategies and ways of hotel management. Project management. Measuring and forecasting tourist offer and demand. Testing customer intentions and tracking competition trends. Trend correlations, expert opinion, and cross-impact analysis. Construction (structure) of presentations, preparation of presentations, exercises, timing. Recommendations for professionals in sales. Presentation of the hotel. Compiling and reviewing bids, orders, bargaining, complaints, payments, transportation.

Prominent experts

Ph.D.Mato Bartoluci, professor at the Faculty of Economics – Zagreb – Department of Tourism

Mr. Sc. Silvia Markotić, Executive Director of Hotel Atrium

Andrijana Mladina, Le Meridien Sales and Marketing Director

Kristian Šustar, President of the Association of Employers in Hospitality of Croatia

Ph.D. Amelia Tomašević, former director of the Zagreb Tourist Board and Esplanade Hotel Zagreb

Mr. Sc. Nick Tsiros, general manager of the Radisson Blu Sobieski hotel in Warsaw

Ph.D. Sanela Vrkljan, Assistant Director, Sector for Tourism – Croatian Chamber of Economy

Mr. Sc. Alijana Vukšić, director of the Split Tourist Board

Mr. Sc. Pave Župan Rusković, an expert from the field of travel agency business

Livestream lectures

The program is unique because it is performed via video streaming (livestream) lectures, which allows candidates unable to attend lectures to follow classes through any Internet device.

Duration of the program: 1 semester

Required enrollment documents

Documents required for enrollment are: a copy of the ID card or a nationality certificate, a birth certificate, a diploma (higher education), a small photo and PIN.

The requirement for enrollment in the training program is completed higher education, while the candidates with completed secondary education enroll in the program: Manager of a small and family hotel.

Installment payment options

* Up to 12 non-interest installments via Visa, Diners and American cards.

We are sure that you will recognize the quality and the potential of this program and become a Hotel Manager.

Entry into employment record book

The program is verified by the Ministry of Science and Education and upon completion it is entered into the electronic employment record book.