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People who deal with or want to engage in EU-funded projects need to acquire professional competencies in EU project management, project budgeting, project monitoring, implementation and evaluation, as well as the skills needed for developing their own EU-funded projects.

Preparation and management of EU projects

Preparing and running projects funded through EU programs is one of the most sought-after education programs in the Republic of Croatia, both in the public and the private sector. The lack of qualified workforce in this area of ​​activity encourages an increasing number of people from different and unrelated professions and generations to attend this educational program in order to develop their own careers in prospective business areas with significant financial benefits. The aim of this program is to enable participants to prepare and implement projects funded through EU programs with the help of some of the most experienced experts in this field in Croatia.


The main provider of EU Fund Manager training program is Mr. Ranko Milić, EU Project Advisor and owner of Eupolis Group Ltd. and Mr. Tonći Lučić, EU Project Advisor and owner of Meta Consulting in Split. In addition, other experts will be involved in education and mentoring activities.

Consultant Team Reference List:

Split- Dalmatia County and J.U. RERA S.D. (2008-) – development and preparation of strategic projects and technical assistance in the implementation of cross-border cooperation projects, the total value of projects exceeds EUR 14 million, of which EUR 4 million is contracted and implemented or concluded;

City of Split (2012-2013) – analysis of developmental opportunities and needs, preparation of priority list of projects and action plan for financing through EU funds; education of employees of the City on preparation of EU funds; elaboration and application of 2 strategic regional projects for the MRRFEU Tenders;

City of Rab – assistance in the implementation of the project for the design of the airport Rab (2012-) worth EUR 1.1 million;

HCL Consultants (2010) – technical support to the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management in preparation of projects for EU funds, total value of prepared project portfolio is more than EUR 10 million, 80% efficiency in contracting and realization of funds;

ECORYS Rotterdam (2008-2009) – technical assistance to the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management in the development of the Regional Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia and to assistance in the strategic planning of development at the Adriatic NUTS2 statistical region level.

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (2010-) – strategic planning, preparation of an action plan and preparation of a list of projects for EU tenders (permanent consultancy services), total value of projects more than EUR 80 million, part of projects contracted and implemented before contracting, other part in the preparation for the structural funds;

National Park Krka (2010-2011) – analysis of needs and opportunities, preparation of the action plan and preparation of project lists, preparation for EU tenders (IPA BRI, ADRIATIC CBC, FZOEU), total value of projects over EUR 8 million;

Institute for Rehabilitation DES (2010-) – project development and preparation, project value EUR 2.4 million, technical assistance in implementation of public procurement according to EU PRAG, contracted and implemented;

City of Šibenik (2010) – development and preparation of a project of cultural tourism, worth EUR 1.6 million, contracted and implemented;

City of Skradin (2010) – development and preparation of a project for the entrepreneurial zone, worth EUR 1.1 million, contracted project;


Municipality of Udbina (2010) – development and preparation of the project enterprise area of ​​total value of EUR 0.75 million contracted and implemented;

J.U. for the management of protected natural values ​​of the Šibenik-Knin County (2010) – project development and preparation of a total value of EUR 1.6 million, implemented;

Association of Healthy City (2003-2012) – strategic planning and development, preparation of projects totaling around EUR 1 million, implemented or in implementation;

Local partnership for employment (LPZ) of the Split-Dalmatia County – preparation of strategic and action plan, coordination of LPZ work, and inventory of projects for the needs of LPZ;

UNDP 2011/2012 – preparation of the Komiža – City Museum project for financing from EU funds;

Evaluation of national CARDS 2003/4 projects, commissioned by the European Commission, Brussels;

Project Evaluation Faust Vrancic Memorial Center, Prvic Island (2012);


During the training program, we will present the entire process: from designing, preparing, application to the implementation of EU-funded projects. All the lecturers involved in this program participated in the preparation and implementation of approved EU projects, and their practical experience is the key comparative advantage of this program. Throughout the training program, the trainees will prepare all the necessary documentation of the actual project, which will be the cornerstone of their final work. The main objective of the program is to enable project managers to prepare and implement projects that will be financed by EU funds, on their own or in teams.

By completing the program, participants acquire the following competencies:

  • Differentiating types of funds, projects and institutions that may be involved in projects
  • Assessing overall goals, purpose and expected results of the project
  • Collecting data about the resources needed to make a project proposal
  • Making a proposal and a summary of the project proposal
  • Drafting the project and filling in the application form
  • Using adequate techniques in preparing the project budget
  • Conducting project evaluation
  • Applying work safety rules


The training program will be realized in the form of full-time classes and / or consultative-instructional teaching.

Consultative-instructional classes – the number of hours of group consultations is two-thirds of the total number of hours planned in the program. Group consultations are conducted with the entire educational group and are mandatory for all the participants. Individual consultations are conducted via electronic mail and directly, according to the schedule and the needs of the participants.

Candidates with completed secondary education (minimun) can enroll in the training program for EU Funds Project Managers.

Duration of the program: 1 semester