Alumni is an association of former students within which contacts and cooperation continue after graduating from college. It represents a voluntary association that can be joined by all those who have graduated from the University College Aspira. The aim of the club is to connect all generations of graduate students for the purpose of realizing and maintaining permanent contacts, socializing, exchanging business experiences and so on.

The University College Aspira is fully available for assistance or cooperation.

Main goals of establishment and work of alumni are:

  • connecting all those who have graduated from the University College Aspira in Split in the college community Alumni and building mutual relations of cooperation
  • establishing and maintaining the connection between the University College Aspira in Split and its students after graduation
  • developing cooperation between the University College Aspira and companies or organizations in which former students of Aspira are working
  • promoting the activities of the University College in Split and promotion of the University College Aspira as an institution
  • encouraging and enhancing professional, scientific and practical activities of their membership
  • participating in international scientific and professional exchange and establishment of contacts with alumni associations at home and abroad
  • regularly and occasionally informing members about the activities of the Association, its members’ achievements and about the events concerning their professions
  • providing experiential information to potential students regarding the study of the University College Aspira
  • issuing scientific, professional and informative publications
  • encouraging understanding and adoption of professional ethical values ​​through the overall activity of the Association
  • organizing professional, sports and other gatherings with other associations and marking important anniversaries
  • organizing round tables on significant economic problems,
  • encouraging the organization of meetings and lectures for members of Alumni
  • organizing and realizing various programs and projects in the field of sports management and other areas
  • cooperating with other alumni associations and professional associations in the country and abroad, scientific and professional cooperation with University College Aspira in Split
  • cooperating with the Students’ Union and other organizations of students of the Aspira High School in Split,
  • organizing meetings of the finnal year students of Aspira in Split with eminent experts

Our wish is to establish a lasting relationship with our students, to inform them about the development plans and programs and to encourage them to help in our efforts to make study and stay at the University College Aspira as better and better as possible.