Aspira University College participates in a number of projects:

  1. ASPIRATUR- Education for Jobs in Hospitality and Tourism
  3. BuildPHE
  4. HKO Implementation in Professional Study of Computer Engineering
  6. Scientific and Professional Exchange of Experience in Social Tourism and Entrepreneurship Between U.S. and Croatia
  7.  PROCSEE- The Excellence in Higher Education in Central and South-Eastern Europe
  8. Procurement of Software and Other ICT Equipment for the Purpose of Business Process Optimization

Aspira University College is planning to apply for the project of Ministry of Education entitled “Development, Improvement and Implementation of Internship in Higher Education”. Minimum financial support for the project is 1.000.000,00 HRK, and maximum 4.000.000,00 HRK. Planned duration of the project is 24– 36 months.