Choosing a university to go to is one of the most important decisions that we make and the school is therefore responsible to make sure that all of its students get the necessary knowledge, build skills and prepare in the best way for the business market of the 21st century.

The mission of University College Aspira is to create a transformative educational experience through the application of the best global practices and collaboration with the industry leaders.

Our Vision is to create globally recognized higher education institution which acts transformatively to its students and to community. This Vision is to be achieved through systematic innovations in the educational programs, through researches aiming to provide the solutions to real sector issues, and finally through encouraging innovations and creativity in the field of entrepreneurship.

Our values

  1. Be Passionate and Determined.
  2. Be Innovative.
  3. Dare to be Different.
  4. Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded
  5. Improve Constantly.
  6. Develop Personal Integrity and Professionalism.
  7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit.

In its strategic documents, Aspira has defined its goal of positioning itself as an internationally recognized higher-education institution that will attract students from around the world with its high standards and excellence.




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Aspira’s strategy is to:

  • Continuous improvement and revision of implemented study programs based on quality indicators and labour market fluctuations and implementing new study programs in accordance with labour market needs.
  • Improving student success on study programs with regard to achieving learning outcomes
  • Participation of representatives of economy and labour market in the development of College
  • Advancement of scientific professional publication activity of employees, associates and students
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of quality management system as a prerequisite for the process of accreditation of College
  • Development of material, human and financial resources for the purpose of high- quality performance
  • Development of implemented lifelong learning programs and suggesting new programs according to market needs
  • Participating in international projects and developing a multicultural environment

Aspira’s priorities are to: improve the quality of existing courses, develop new programs in cooperation with foreign partners, empower individual careers, improve students’ knowledge of foreign languages, develop the International Cooperation Department, develop the summer school program and encourage tolerance towards diversity.



Aspira University College was established in Split in 2008 by the Contemporary Education Institution in Split. Given that the Contemporary College is the founder of the Maritime Education and Training Centre Atlantis, these three institutions form one of the largest private educational groups in Croatia. Aspira University College is a private college and a non.profit institution, which organizes and conducts professional studies of Sport Management, Computer Science – Program Engineering, International Management in Hospitality and Tourism and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Aspira conducts professional and scientific activities in accordance with the Law. Along with studies, Aspira has been conducting certified programs by the Ministry of Science and Education for years and numerous trainings in the field of management, entrepreneurship, communication, gastronomy and tourism. This higher education institution focuses on the identification of current and expected future deficit professions, and the curricula and programs are adjusted accordingly. Thus, for example, a Gastronomy major has been developed within the study program of International Management in Hospitality and Tourism, which in turn has substantially refreshed and expanded the field of higher education in Croatia. Additionally, Aspira’s key feature is its dynamic adaptation of programs and content to the current market needs.

Aspira University College is registered in accordance with the Higher Education Act and recognized as a high quality institution, certified by the ISO certification for the quality of teaching. Aspira cooperates with numerous organizations, and values their recommendations related to the needs of the labor market. Each study program is developed only with regard to recommendations and opinions of these organizations, which are attached to the report. The opinions of respectable and relevant institutions indicate that the study programs of Aspira University College are justified and in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

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