Undergraduate professional study program of
International Hospitality and Tourism Management 2016./2017.

Winter Semester Code Course ECTS
          I T-OE11 Principles of Economics 6
T-OT13 Basics of International Tourism 8
T-INF21 Computer Science 6
T-PK14 Business Communication in the International Market 4
T-ENG15 Business English I 4
T-TZK16 Physical Education I 2
Summer Semester Code Course ECTS
          II T-PM12 Business Mathematics 6
T-MEN22 International Management 8
T-OM23 International Marketing in Tourism 6
T-MSO34 Management of Selective Forms of Tourism 6
T-ENG25 Business English II 4
T-TZK26 Physical Education II 2
Winter Semester Code Course ECTS



T-OR31 Principles of Accounting 6
T-TAT32 Travel Agencies and Tour operators 6
T-OPT33 International Trade Law 6
T-PS44 Business Statistics 6
Business English III 2
T-TAL35 Business Italian I 2
T-TZK36 Physical Education III 2
Summer Semester Code Course ECTS




T-PUT41 Entrepreneurship in the hotel, catering and tourism 6
T-OR42 Sustainable development in International tourism 6
T-EK43 The economics of the international hotel industry, catering and tourism 6
T-TG 24 Tourism geography 6
Business English IV 2
T-TAL45 Business Italian II 2
T-TZK46 Physical Education IV 2