Transfer of students from other courses is possible without taking the entrance examination or state graduation exam, provided that it has been less than 10 years since their last examination. In addition, applicants who passed the entrance examination within the last three years are not required to take the entrance examination or state graduation exam, and neither are applicants who have already earned a degree at the undergraduate or graduate level.

The students who have been granted transfer from another course may request the recognition of exams they have previously taken, and this is carried out in accordance with the Articles of Association of the College that require students’ exams to be recognised only if their content is equivalent to at least 70% of the content of the corresponding module at Aspira. If the ratio of equivalent content is lower than 70%, professors may make a decision on the partial recognition of exams. Finally, it is possible to recognise students’ modules that they have taken at their previous college as elective courses at Aspira.