Aspira College extends over an area of more than 1,500 m2. Its whole interior has been carefully designed and fashionably decorated. Aspira has got large amphitheatres and rooms, as well as computer rooms fully equipped with multimedia and all the necessary technological teaching aids. The College also includes a well-equipped library with all the required and additional reading materials for students, learning area and computer corner at their disposal at all times. Aspira also has a café-bar where students can grab a drink or eat something. Of course, the entire area is covered with free wireless internet.

Why study at Aspira?

 Aspira makes sure that its students:

•     acquire top knowledge and skills in economics, management, tourism, and the specialised area of sport management

•     work in small groups

•     are taught by top professors from the region

•     can get in touch with their professors with individual approach to each of them

•     have their lectures based on the current case-study examples from real life

•     have all their course materials available over the e-learning system Merlin,

•     go through their traineeships in major relevant companies, sports clubs or associations, and participate in the organisation of major sporting events

•     are given the option of part-time study for those with jobs and athletes

•     those who are athletes have the opportunity to practice sports and go to their regular training sessions while studying

•     are offered lifelong learning programmes

•     are offered study tours (Barcelona)

•     can join mobility and student exchange programmes with universities around the world

Library and the Internet

Aspira’s library is located within the main building and it is equipped with all the reading materials needed to master the curriculum as well as a wider range of reading materials related to sports, economics and general knowledge. The library also holds computers that the students can use at any time and that are connected to free wireless internet, just like the entire area.


 The campus can be reached by car and car park is located immediately in front of the main building. In addition, Aspira can also be reached by bus, both when leaving or going downtown. Since Aspira’s main building is located close to one of the busiest streets of Split, almost all ‘northern’ bus lines make a stop very close.

Around the Campus

 It takes just 5 minutes on foot to reach the city centre from Aspira. Just across the street there is the Joker shopping centre with a lot of different facilities, including McDonald’s, bakeries, a variety of cafés, shops and cinemas.

Why study in Split?

 The history of Split dates 1,700 years back, when it was chosen by the Roman emperor Diocletian as a place to build his palace resort. Diocletian’s Palace is protected by UNESCO and it is a unique example in the world. The town is extremely attractive for tourist and it bathes in more than 2,700 hours of sunshine a year. The people of Split always say that Split is the most beautiful city and that its women are the most beautiful women in the world, and many tourists tend to agree after taking a walk around its streets and alleys. The city is located in the warmest part of the Mediterranean, at the foot of the Marjan forest, with beautiful pebble beaches around it. It is rich in tourist and gastronomic offer, as well as sporting and cultural events.

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