Students’ Council | Visoka škola ASPIRA

Students’ Council

Students’ Council in Aspira acts as a representative body of students who democratically elect their representatives. The present composition of the Students’ Council was determined at the elections held in December 2012.

Students’ Council:
  • Nino Kapitanović – Chairman of the Students’ Council
  • Denis Dujak – representative of firs-year students
  • Robert Nakić – representative of second-year students
  • Luka Mladenić –  representative of third-year students
  • Marcel Domgjonaj – representative of first-year graduate students
  • Dora Radić – representative of second-year graduate students
  • Monika Roguljić – student Ombudsman
 Tasks of the Students’ Council:
  • promoting high-standard studying
  • promoting students’ rights
  • adopting the plan and programme of the Students’ Council
  • proposing new guidelines of development
  • pointing out potential oversights
  • proposing activities