E-learning is a process of education, learning and teaching that includes different tools of information and communication technology whose main goal is to contribute to the quality of learning process and of the final result – education.
Nowadays there is an overwhelming need and desire to improve the quality and accessibility of different educational programs. Therefore, education has become life-long process and a necessity, and the so availability and quality of educational programs refers to the overall cycle of lifelong learning.
Quality implementation of e-learning brings numerous advantages into educational process and to the desired new, modern and quality education. E-learning enables adjustment to students’ individual needs, active participation and active role, up-to-date study materials, global approach to different educational contents, better professor – student and student – student communication, team work, better time management, students’ individual assessment and continued evaluation and monitoring of students’ progress.
E-learning is a system for managing educational content and educational process management in general. It enables creation of virtual environment of educational process. It is complex software that combines publication of study materials with tools for knowledge evaluation, communication and administration.
Merlin is a system for e-learning established as a platform for projects of e-learning or course delivery studies using e-learning technology. It is based on open code system Moodle which is adjusted to the needs of its users. Every student of University College of Sports Management Aspira is included into Merlin, e-learning system.