The projected learning outcomes acquired after completing the study program of Sports Management provide the students with knowledge and skills to:

  1. Recognize the importance and role of sport from both the aspect of the society and individuals in terms of developing their entrepreneurial activities
  2. Determine the mode of functioning of sports organizations in the context of the ever-changing market
  3. Apply the skills  referring to planning the development of sport as well as managing the offer of sporting products and services
  4. Apply marketing concepts to the sports industry
  5. Create marketing strategy for company development
  6. Make critical judgments on the main economic principles in business
  7. Prepare financial statements in accordance with the legal and international accounting standards
  8. Analyze business efficiency of sports organizations and companies
  9. Apply legal acts and laws in business
  10. Recognize business risks and create an adequate business plan accordingly
  11. Use modern technologies in everyday business
  12. Combine applied mathematical methods for making strategic business decisions
  13. Communicate in foreign language in business environment
  14. Apply the principles of sustainable development in business
  15. Recognize negative and positive effects of the development of sports industry to the environment
  16. Design a plan for the operation of sports organization
  17. Create sports and recreational facilities as a part of tourist destination offer
  18. Identify sport as an activity of special national interest