During the study, students have the opportunity to work as an intern in sports associations, sport clubs, federations and other sports organizations under supervision of their mentor (on-the-job training). In that way, students will be directly involved in everyday activities and problems of sports organizations. They will get to know specific techniques in managing and administration of sports clubs as well as the work of professional coaches and athletes. During internship, students will be learning more details about different sports by participating in everyday training process of athletes.

The most successful students will have the opportunity to obtain the internship abroad, depending on the level of cooperation established between Aspira and universities and/or sports organizations in other countries. Working abroad, the students will gain valuable experience and knowledge that will help them in building their future careers.

Aspire to Rio

In the middle of 2015, after graduation from Law Faculty at University of Warsaw, I made a crucial step in my life and instead law career I came to Split to do things that I always wanted to do. After I’ve signed contract with local volleyball club OK Split, I’ve taken the opportunity to study sport management at Aspira University College.

I had a great time in that magnificent city. I have been doing sports in each of its aspect – training, playing, and learning about it. Moreover, after few seminars in Aspira I found out that today’s sport is an unique business and I was convinced that working in professional sport has to be fascinating.

Thanks to Martina Petrovic – Coordinator for international cooperation in Aspira, we’ve hit upon an idea to do an internship in Polish Olympic Committee. During Christmas Holidays which I spent in Poland, I went to the meeting with the Director of Legal Affairs of the POC. Few days after my candidature was approved.

Without no doubts, working for Polish Olympic Committee was a pleasure. However, the less time to the Olympic Games, the more duties rests on my shoulders. I’ve started to work not only for law department but also for marketing, logistic and management boards. Honestly, I can’t remember when was the last time I have been working so hard.

On the other hand, I can’t also remember when was the last time I’ve learned so much and gained so much experienced. Tasks that I’ve received were demanding and toilsome but also interesting and compelling. Interaction with world of sport was one of the best thing I’ve ever faced but still not the best.

Nobody can imagine how surprising it was when Director of Marketing Department of Polish Olympic Committee has offered me new duties in… Rio de Janeiro! After few minutes it was certain that I’m going for the Olympic Games.

My tasks consisted in taking care and provide satisfying stay for the group of sponsors of Polish Olympic Committee. Our team was responsible for around 60 people which means that we had to planned each hour of their stay in Brazil.

We had to arranged accommodation, transport, tickets for sports events, catering, city tours etc. Usually we woke up early in the morning and, if it even was possible, we fell asleep late in the night. Despite that, working in Rio was a great pleasure. Each day has given me an opportunity to see and feel something unique.

Possibility to watch the best athletes in the world like Novak Djokovic, Kevin Durant, Sergio Santos, Usain Bolt, Anita Włodarczyk, Blanka Vlasic, Michael Phelps and many others was a marvelous thing. Chance to enter the Olympic Venues, including Olympic Village, Olympic Park, Courts, Stadiums and other arenas was unexpected fulfillment of childhood dreams.

Spirit of the Olympic Games, beauty of Rio de Janeiro and fascinating Brazilian culture made my stay unforgettable. My great journey in Rio has ended along with the Closing Ceremony. Fortunate, my great adventure with professional sport has already begin.