Fine dining has long been an essential part of Croatia’s appeal. Guests and employers alike are becoming increasingly demanding. Recognizing this, we have decided to expand Aspira’s extremely successful and popular Gastronomy degree program to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. This is a very high quality program with a plethora of first-class chefs in charge. Vincenzo Guarino (Michelin star holder) tops the list which also includes Andrej Barbieri, Tonći Drlje, Denis Galić, Dino Galvagno, Antun Nišević, Michael Noss, Branko Ognjenović, Ivan Pažanin, Braco Sanjin, Hrvoje Zirojević and many others.
Improved Tourist Experience

The Gastronomy degree is a further development of Aspira University College’s Hospitality and Tourism program. This includes two other degree programs: Hotel Management and Destination Management. The Gastronomy program will teach students the importance of fine food and wine in the context of a well-rounded tourist experience. An overview of global cuisine will be provided, with a focus on the practical application of contemporary trends. The successful graduate will became a trained Gastronomy Manager, as the program also includes marketing, finance, human resource management and business plan development. In short, all the skills you need to start and manage your own restaurant.

Educational Culinary Studio

At Aspira’s culinary studio in Split, you will experience hands-on practice that is second to none. Each student has an individual, fully equipped kitchen unit together with a computer screen, where the mentor’s work is being broadcast live. Following the coursework thus becomes easier, simpler and more interesting. Another notable option is for our Zagreb students to spend a semester in Split, and vice-versa.

Travel, Learn, Grow

Field trips are a key part of the Aspira student experience. These are unique and exciting learning opportunities where students observe first hand how things are done at top hospitality venues. These have so far included, to give just a few examples, the Monte restaurant owned by the Đekić family, the Pelegrini where they were hosted by renowned chef Rudolf Štefan, the Kozlović winery, the Zigante restaurant with chef Damir Modrušan… We can also mention the various workshops held by AZRRI, the Agency for the Rural Development of Istria.