In the period from May 8 to May 12, the first International Week was held at Aspira High School.

The students had the opportunity to listen to lectures from professor Helen Bayne from Switzerland, one of the greatest experts in the area of tourism since she spent a large part of her career as a top manager in numerous famous hotels all over the world.

Other than Helen Bayne which is coming from Hotel Institute Montreux, the lecturers were also Aurelie Cahuzac and Claire Gautier from Sports Management School (SMS) – Groupe EDC from France and Martin Cibák from the School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava, Slovakia. During the lecture, they presented the faculties they represented and informed students of their work methods with students. The students were primarily interested in acquiring experience through the Erasmus program and all the programs their faculty has in order to decide where to apply in an easier manner.

Other than the official part of International Week where lectures were held for students, Aspira High School has shown itself as a true host and offered the lecturers an exceptionally interesting 4 days. They had a tourist tour of the city, and they visited all the most interesting features of historical and natural monuments, which thrilled them.

Evidence of this is in their emails which they sent after returning, where they thanked from the bottom of their hearts and said it was the most beautiful International Week they participated in and that the organization was at a high level.

Most of the credit for this goes to our colleague Martina Petrović, the coordinator for International Cooperation, which we want to thank once again for a perfectly organized and executed project.