This type of enrolment is designed for those who will sit the admission exam without taking the state graduation exam, applicants who graduated from high school in previous years and applicants who completed their secondary education outside Croatia*.

The admission procedure includes the assessment of the student’s GPA during secondary education and the results of the admission exam consisting of a written exam of general knowledge and information and an interview about the applicant’s motivation for enrolling.

Applicants must fill in the on our website or at the Aspira Student’s Registry, Domovinskog Rata 65.

Scoring elements:Admission exam;

    • Results during secondary education – up to 50 points
    • Written exam of general knowledge and information – up to 15 points
    • Interview about the motivation for enrolling – up to 5 points

Special accomplishments are scored the same way as in case of enrolments following the state graduation exam.
Application documents: certificates from all grades of high school and the certificate of graduation or final exam in high school (original or certified copy), transcript of grades in the first semester of senior year (for graduates), copy of citizenship certificate and birth certificate, application form obtained from the College or the website, proof of payment of the enrolment procedure costs (HRK 180) to the bank account: 2484008-1104992880.

Enrolment documents: originals of the documents submitted earlier, registration form, enrolment form and study record booklet obtained from the Student’s Registry, two photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm) for the study record booklet and registration form and the proof of paid tuition fee.

* Applicants who received their education outside Croatia are required to initiate the procedure of recognition of a foreign education qualification with the Agency for Science and Higher Education, MSES, but they can submit the recognition decision at a later time.