Degree Program created in Cooperation with IT Experts and Entrepreneurs

The global labor marketplace is undergoing a continuous shortage of highly educated IT professionals. Recognizing this, the Aspira University College now offers Computer Science degrees in Software Engineering.

The IT industry has long been the driving force of economic growth, in particular through the globalized exports of services and software products. Aspira’s Software Engineering program has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and employers. Its basis is the practical application of key computer skills, which puts our graduates in an advantageous position in the labor market.

Innovative Hands-On Approach

The high quality of Aspira’s study program is the product of an innovative and modern approach. The specific skills and knowledge you will gain as you earn your degree have been carefully chosen to give you the maximum possible return in terms of your career. Our teaching staff is highly professional, teaching you the tricks of their own trade. Furthermore, we take every opportunity to place you in *leading Croatian and international companies* where you can test your skills as an intern. By the time you have your degree, you will have gained a realistic overview of an IT career.

Be Part of a Positive Trend

The Croatian Employers’ Association points out that 850 new IT experts emerge in the country’s labor market every year, compared with 2000 new jobs created. The same trend can be seen in other countries. Software developers continue to be in great demand all over the world. Moreover, this industry has some of the highest salaries‐certainly an added attraction.

Sign up for an Aspira computer degree, and start creating the future, your own included!