The idea for establishing the “Aspira Sports Club” was to enable all students and teachers to be engaged in some recreational sports activity, and to encourage those with the will and predisposition to represent Aspira at the University Championships, as well as to round up all students and provide them with certain benefits related to a variety of recreational facilities in the city.

  • the primary goal was for students to get together, hang out and have fun
  • promoting health and healthy lifestyle
  • promoting physical activity as a regular daily activity
  • improving and promoting sport and sports recreation as an important aspect in people’s lives
For each sport a student coordinator was selected to lead their teams through a variety of sports events that Aspira’s students have at the University level. A sports coordinator was also selected for each year of students.
Aspira’s students may use their “Sports Club” to engage in recreation at about 10 sports in 6 sports centres.