The largest IT conference in Southeast Europe has confirmed the high expectations of the participants for the sixth time this year, over 1,500. During the conference, there were over 20 interesting lectures delivered by companies such as “GitHub”, “Twitch”, “Atlassian” “GitLab”, “Heroku”, “Google”, “Facebook” and many others. The topics of lectures and presentations were complemented by the latest information from the IT world, while the workshop for mobile application design was particularly interesting for visitors.

High School Aspira at Shift presented its Computer Science program and awarded a scholarship worth 90,000.00kn at the closing ceremony. Numerous candidates competed for the scholarship and a requirement was to test logic tasks. As the award was a full three year scholarship for the attractive Computer Science study, interest was higher than expected. The future Aspirin student is Mia Pavlinović who had the best test result and won a valuable prize.

Ivan Burazin, the founder and chief organizer of the Shift Conference, said the whole idea was based on the desire to bring experts from the world who would bring the latest trends and knowledge through lectures and workshops to the participants of the conference. He is aware that events like Shift are a great motivation for further work because more and more people want to become a developer because of the growing needs of the market. “IT companies also come to Shift because it is a great opportunity to find a new workforce” was another reason for so much interest and conference attendance across the region.

One of the co-organizers of Shift was Toni Trivković from the association who expressed satisfaction with another successful Shift. He thinks this is an important event for entire Split and they are also trying to position Split as an IT city through the association. Given the anticipations of increasing demand for IT professionals in the overall market, all the initiatives that create the necessary staff for the IT market are valued, just like Aspira’s Computer Science Study.