University college Aspira from Split, responding to the needs of the market is forming dislocated studies in Zagreb: International management in the hotel industry and tourism and the International study of Gastronomy

Tourism, as the strongest economic branch in Croatia, every year demands a larger number of educated staff from the area of tourism and gastronomy, and the needs of the market for these types of staff is frequently met by importing from abroad. Therefore, education and training from these areas are necessary because, precisely the tourist workers as well as all that participated in creating the tourist offer, are carriers of the tourist season and its most valuable resources.

Namely, the International Study of Gastronomy, as the first such study in Croatia, caused great interest with the students and also the gastronomic experts who with great approval and support confirmed that we are missing highly-educated staff in gastronomy.

Prepared for the labour market

What we are exceptionally proud of are our satisfied students, whose support we remain even after their finished studies. We encourage students for independent and research work, and work with mentors where they obtain competence and skills through theoretical and practical knowledge, we organize numerous lectures of leading experts, and in the last semester we intensively implement practical work. Professional practice in leading hotels and tourist organizations, as well as the most popular restaurants, becomes the first, and we believe the favourite reference in a CV after finishing studies. We give special attention to interactions between professors and students, which we accomplish through work in smaller groups, consultations, more quality work conditions and modern technical equipment.

By finishing studies, our students become a desirable staff; educated, trained for performing management activities in tourist boards, agencies, managing restaurants, hotel facilities and restaurants and management of companies, and as such they are ready and highly competent for raising the quality of the profession with their activities.

Educational culinary studio

The most modern cuisine practicum at the High School Aspira in Split, enables Gastronomy students a quality and practical course. Namely, each student works in a completely equipped separate work unit while the mentor lecturer is followed through a monitor so that learning would be more interesting, memorable and quality. Furthermore, by opening the study in Zagreb, students that enrol in the Faculty in Split would have the opportunity to spend one semester in Zagreb and vice versa.