Who is the study program intended for

Graduate study (Master) of Sports Management is the first and only such study program in Croatia.
It is intended for the professionals who already work in sports, and want to advance their career, as well as those who want to achieve successful careers in sports and sports industry.
Nowadays, sports in the EU generates several hundred million of Euro, which is approximately 4% GDP of the European Union, and provides jobs for 15 million people, or 5.4% of workforce.
In Croatia, there are great requirements for highly educated professionals in the area of sports management due to the fact that managers in sports organizations, i.e. those who work in sports industry are usually not formally educated for managing specific business processes in the area of sports.
Without educated sports managers, sports organizations cannot be recognized in the sports market, and thus suffer enormous losses. Furthermore, non-profit sport organizations, such as sports associations, federations, local and state departments for sports, have realized that they can no longer function without modern and efficient management.

Competences acquired by the study program

After finishing specialist graduate study of sports management graduates acquire competences required to manage the systems of higher level of complexity on “top management” jobs, as well as possibility to continue higher education on postgraduate studies in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.
The competences acquired by this study program, especially considering the continuity of undergraduate and graduate study of sports management can be divided into general and specific.
General competences are based on comprehensive education which includes basic theoretical, methodological, and applicative knowledge in the area of economics, management, kinesiology, law, information and communication sciences, psychology and sociology.
Specific competences are based on highly professional and expert training in the area of sports management, marketing management in sports, management of sports facilities and events, controlling and financial management in sports companies, sponsorship in sports, public relations in sports, sports law, and among other, managing human resources and socially responsible behavior in sports.

Duration of the study program

The study program lasts for two years (four semesters). After completing the study program graduates acquire, according to the provisions of the Bologna Process, 120 ECTS credits, and the professional title of (the equivalent of masters degree):

“Graduate Specialist in Sports Management”